High-quality design

Design and development of software for industrial automation

TECNOLOGIC software solutions are designed to automate through PLC, robot assembly lines and production processes.

Supervision control and data acquisition systems

TECNOLOGIC designs and develops ad hoc software, for monitoring, process control and product tracking

Integration of vision systems

​Our integrated project systems can measure, recognize, identify, select, read codes and guide robots.

Design and construction of Electrical Cabinet

By partnering with companies that deal with electrical apparatus, TECNOLOGIC manufactures turnkey solutions from electrical design to the control panel.

Installation and set up

For years, TECNOLOGIC has been constantly present with its resources and its consultants at leading automotive companies in the world

Documentation and training

TECNOLOGIC furnishes in support of its projects and of its work, the necessary documentation, such as specifications, schematics and Multilingual operator manuals.


Technologies and systems for industrial automation
Since 2001, TECNOLOGIC has been designing, developing and installing systems for industrial automation worldwide.

The key to the success of TECNOLOGIC is the constant commitment in the implementation of their systems precision and quality, which are characterized by absolute reliability and maximum efficiency. Characteristics which led TECNOLOGIC to win the trust and esteem of many highly prestigious clients: Industrial automation systems and TECNOLOGIC solutions are currently being used by the major automotive manufacturers in the world.

The car's engine, the braking system, the gearbox or parts of the suspension, in all probability, can be produced through the careful assembly carried out by robotic machines and automated by TECNOLOGIC solutions. The assembly or the coating of body parts, the mechanical precision welding, the optical control, the handling and the storage of components, are some of the many machining operations take place daily worldwide using TECNOLOGIC systems. TECNOLOGIC has a talented team of developers, which designs and manufactures high-quality software and hardware, for viewing, monitoring, management and automation of complex industrial robotics systems. TECNOLOGIC is located in Volpiano, Piedmont, near Turin, the Italian automotive capital. TECNOLOGIC is able to offer quality automation services for both small and large industry worldwide.

  • PLC
  • PC & SCADA
  • Turnkey